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Seminar Recent Trends in Modern Optics

The seminar will take place at the theoretical physics center (CFP) of University of Porto from 21st to 23rd June 2016. There is no registration fee to attend the seminar.

The goal of the seminar is to bring together people from different branches of optics (with particular attention to people working in Iberian peninsula) in order to help cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques, inside the wide field of optics and photonics, among people with different and complementary background.

The seminar will focus on different areas of linear and nonlinear optics. The non-exhaustive list includes light self-localization, coherent structures, ultrafast optics, dielectric and metallic nanostructures, plasmonics, theoretical and computational optics, spin-orbit coupling, beams carrying angular momentum, optical sensing, optical communications, soft-matter photonics, quantum and gravitational phenomena, optics as a workbench for quantum phenomena including Bose-Einstein condensates, and so on.