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All articles in international journals with referees.
CT Brown, J Amin, DP Shepherd, AC Tropper, M Hempstead, and JM Almeida
900-nm Nd:TiLiNbO3 Waveguide Laser
Optics Letters 22, 1778 (1997)
JR Bonar, MV Vermelho, AJ Mclaughlin, PV Marques, JS Aitchison, JF Martins-Filho, AG Bezerra-Jr, AS Gomes, and CB Araújo
Blue Light Emission in Thulium Doped Silica-on-silicon Waveguides
Optics Communications 141, 137 (1997)
MP Azevedo, JA Mendes, BG Almeida, MS Rogalski, YG Pogorelov, JB Sousa, I Bibicu, LM Redondo, MF Silva, CM Jesus, and JG Marques
Magnetization and Magnetoresistivity in Fe Implanted Cu and Ag Thin Films
Journal Magnetism Magnetic Materials 173, 230 (1997)
R Casana, E. da Hora, D. Rubiera-Garcia, and C. dos Santos
Topological vortices in generalized Born-Infield-Higgs electrodynamics
European Physical Journal C ( 2015 )
PP Avelino, LMG Beça, and CJAP Martins
Clustering Properties of Dynamical Dark Energy Models
A Ferreira
No names specified
GN Kakazei, AM Lopes, YG Pogorelov, MA Salgueiro Da Silva, JA Santos, JB Sousa, S Cardoso, PP Freitas, and E Snoeck
Current-in-plane transport in granular single layers and multilayers of C0Fe in Al_2O_3
J. Magn. Magn. Mater.
GN Kakazei, YG Pogorelov, JA Santos, JB Sousa, PP Freitas, and S Cardoso
Low field magnetization study of CoFe-Al_2O_3
J. Magn. Magn. Mater.