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All articles in international journals with referees.
P NMR, R JNB, S T, and LdS JMB
Dirac electrons in graphene-based quantum wires and quantum dots
preprint: arXiv:0810.4768, accepted in Journal of Phys: Cond. Matter
D Bombardelli
A next-to-leading Lüscher formula
JHEP 2014 (1) (2014)
A Alberucci, CP Jisha, and G Assanto
Accessible solitons in diffusive media
Opt. Lett. 39, 4317-4320 (2014)
C Bastos, A Bernardini, O Bertolami, NC Dias, and JN Prata
Phase-space noncommutative formulation of Ozawa’s uncertainty principle
Phys. Rev. D 90 (045023) (2014)
N. Castel-Branco, J. Páramos, R. March
Perturbation of the metric around a spherical body from a nonminimal coupling between matter and curvature
Phys. Lett. B 735, 25-32 (2014)
N Jokela, A Ramallo, and D Zoakos
Magnetic catalysis in flavored ABJM
JHEP02 (2014) 021 (2014)
AR Mota and JMB Lopes dos Santos
Addition table of colours: additive and subtractive mixtures described using a single reasoning model
Physics Education 49 (1), 61-66 (2014)
A Rodrigues, P Kevrekidis, J Cuevas, R Carretero-González, and D Frantzeskakis
Symmetry-breaking of Polariton Condensates in double-well Potentials
In: Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, Self-Trapping, and Josephson Oscillations in Nonlinear Systems, edited by Malomed, Boris A.. Springer-Verlag, chapter 13, pages 509--529.
CP Jisha, A Alberucci, RK L and G Assanto
Deflection and trapping of spatial solitons in linear photonic potentials
Opt. Exp. (2013)
V Brazhnyi, David Novoa, C P Jisha
Dynamical generation of interwoven soliton trains by nonlinear emission in binary Bose-Einstein condensates
Phys. Rev A (2013)