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All articles in international journals with referees.
P NMR, R JNB, S T, and LdS JMB
Dirac electrons in graphene-based quantum wires and quantum dots
preprint: arXiv:0810.4768, accepted in Journal of Phys: Cond. Matter
A Ballon Bayona, R Carcassés Quevedo, M Sousa Costa, and M Djuric
Soft Pomeron in Holographic QCD
Phys. Rev. D 93 (035005) (2016)
M Costa, L Greenspan, M Oliveira, J Penedones, and JE Santos
Polarised Black Holes in AdS
Classical Quantum Gravity (2016)
Y Bea, N Jokela, M Lippert, A Ramallo, and D Zoakos
Flux and Hall states in ABJM with dynamical flavors
JHEP 03, 009 (2015)
O Bertolami, M Cadoni, and A Porru
Black hole solutions of gravity theories with non-minimal coupling between matter and curvature
Class. Quant. Grav. 32 (20), 205009 (2015)
A Alberucci, C. P Jisha, N. F Smyth and G. Assanto
Spatial optical solitons in highly nonlocal media
Phys. Rev. A 91, 013841 (2015)
O Bertolami and P Leal
Aspects of Phase-Space Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics
Phys. Lett. B 750, 6-11 (2015)
CP Jisha, T. Mithun, A. Rodrigues and K Porsezian
Transverse instability of solitons in nonlinear systems
JOSA B 32 (6), 1106-1112 (2015)
L Devassy, C. P Jisha, A. Alberucci and V. C. Kuriakose
Parity-time-symmetric solitons in trapped Bose-Einstein condensates and the influence of varying complex potentials: A variational approach
Phys. Rev. E 92, 022914 (2015)
V Gonçalves, J Penedones, and E Trevisani
Factorization of Mellin amplitudes
JHEP 10, 040 (2015)