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Augusto Rodrigues, Ricardo Carretero-Gonzalez, Jesús Cuevas-Maraver, Dimitri Frantzeskakis, T.P. Horikis, and P.G. Kevrekidis (2017)

A Korteweg-de Vries description of dark solitons in polariton superfluids

We study the dynamics of dark solitons in an incoherently pumped exciton–polariton condensate by means of a system composed of a generalized open-dissipative Gross–Pitaevskii equation for the polaritons' wavefunction and a rate equation for the exciton reservoir density. Considering a perturbative regime of sufficiently small reservoir excitations, we use the reductive perturbation method, to reduce the system to a Korteweg–de Vries (KdV) equation with linear loss. This model is used to describe the analytical form and the dynamics of dark solitons. We show that the polariton field supports decaying dark soliton solutions with a decay rate determined analytically in the weak pumping regime. We also find that the dark soliton evolution is accompanied by a shelf, whose dynamics follows qualitatively the effective KdV picture.