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Augusto Rodrigues, Mauro Pereira, J. P Zubelli, D. Winge, A. Wacker, V. Anfertev, and V. Vaks (2017)

Theory and measurements of harmonic generation in semiconductor superlattices with applications in the 100 GHz to 1 THz range

This manuscript describes harmonic generation in semiconductor superlattices, starting from a nonequilibrium Green's functions input to relaxation rate–type analytical approximations for the Boltzmann equation in which imperfections in the structure lead to asymmetric current flow and scattering processes under forward and reverse bias. The resulting current-voltage curves and the predicted consequences on harmonic generation, notably the development of even harmonics, are in good agreement with experiments. Significant output for frequencies close to 1 THz (7th harmonic) at room temperature, after excitation by a 141-GHz input signal, demonstrate the potential of superlattice devices for gigahertz to terahertz applications.