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Riccardo March, Jorge Páramos, Orfeu Bertolami, and Simone Dell’Agnello (2017)

1/c expansion of nonminimally coupled curvature-matter gravity models and constraints from planetary precession

The effects of a nonminimally coupled curvature-matter model of gravity on a perturbed Minkowski metric are presented. The action functional of the model involves two functions f1(R) and f2(R) of the Ricci scalar curvature R. This work expands upon previous results, extending the framework developed there to compute corrections up to order O(1/c4) of the 00 component of the metric tensor. It is shown that additional contributions arise due to both the nonlinear form f1(R) and the nonminimal coupling f2(R), including exponential contributions that cannot be expressed as an expansion in powers of 1/r. Some possible experimental implications are assessed with application to perihelion precession.