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Salman Khan and Niaz A Khan (2016)

Relativistic quantum correlations in bipartite fermionic states

The influences of relative motion, the size of the wave packet and the average momentum of the particles on different types of correlations present in bipartite quantum states are investigated. In particular, the dynamics of the quantum mutual information, the classical correlation and the quantum discord on the spin correlations of entangled fermions are studied. In the limit of small average momentum, regardless of the size of the wave packet and the rapidity, the classical and the quantum correlations are equally weighted. On the other hand, in the limit of large average momentum, the only correlations that exist in the system are the quantum correlations. For every value of the average momentum, the quantum correlations maximize at an optimal size of the wave packet. It is shown that after reaching a minimum value, the revival of quantum discord occurs with increasing rapidity.