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Orfeu Bertolami and Hodjat Mariji (2015)

A Phase-Space Noncommutative Picture of Nuclear Matter

Noncommutative features are introduced into a relativistic quantum field theory model of nuclear matter, the quantum hadrodynamics-I nuclear model (QHD-I). It is shown that the nuclear matter equation of state (NMEoS) depends on the fundamental momentum scale, η, introduced by the phase-space noncommutativity (NC). Although it is found that NC geometry does not affect the nucleon fields up to O(η2), it affects the energy density, the pressure and other derivable quantities of the NMEoS, such as the nucleon effective mass. Under the conditions of saturation of the symmetric NM under consideration, the estimated value for the noncommutative parameter is η ≈ 0.12MeV/c.