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George Georgiou and Dimitrios Zoakos (2015)

Entanglement entropy of the Klebanov-Strassler model with dynamical flavors

We present a detailed study of the Entanglement Entropy for the confining Klebanov-Strassler background coupled to a large number of dynamical flavors in the Veneziano limit. As we vary the number of the massless flavors the behavior of the entropy strongly depends on the way we fix the integration constant of the warp factor, that is related to the glueball scale. In the case of massive flavors, the mass of the flavor branes introduces another scale in the background and the entropy undergoes two first order phase transitions. The competition between the glueball and the quark scales will lead to a critical point where one of the phase transitions degenerates to a second order one. We have calculated the critical exponents and have found that they are independent of the number of flavors and different from the mean field theory expectations.