You are welcome to II Porto Meeting on Theory and Experiment in Nonlinear Physics
which will be held at the CFP of the University of Porto.

The goal of this meeting is to survey recent advances on a wide range of topics of current interest in nonlinear physics and mathematics including physical applications such as nonlinear Optics, Bose-Einstein condensates, Biology, etc. The meeting will provide a forum for theoreticians and experimentalists to present their latest results and to discuss their recent research with each other.

We would like to stimulate the interaction between the different communities working in these fields: experimentalists and theoretical physicists studying different aspects of cold atoms, quantum degenerate gases, solitons and coherent nonlinear structures, nonlinear phenomena in optics and biology, fluid dynamics and complex dynamical systems (usually mathematical physicists and mathematicians). We expect to enable communication between the mathematicians who build the theory and the scientists who use it. The main goals of the meeting are to stimulate knowledge exchange, and to identify and to address new problems as well as to establish new relationships.

We also hope that this meeting will give an excellent opportunity for young researchers to presented their recent results and establish new collaborations with different groups in Portugal and abroad.

The link to the previous edition of the conference is HERE

Organizing committee:
Valeriy Brazhnyy
Augusto Rodrigues

Local Organization
Jisha C.P
Florbela Martins


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