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João Penedones shows new route to Quantum Gravity

In an inspirational colloquium given at the "Back to Bootstrap II" conference at Perimeter Institute, CFP researcher João Penedones shows his very personal view point on how AdS/CFT duality brings new light to solving the mysteries of Quantum Gravity. You can watch João's brilliant colloquium inside this headline!

The search for a Quantum Theory of Gravity can be rephrased as a search for the "right" Conformal Field Theory. So it says João Penedones, in a colloquium that brought a wave of new discussions among researchers at Perimeter Institute. It is worthwhile to seat, and enjoy the simplicity of the arguments presented by João. You can do that here.
Seminar Recent Trends in Modern Optics

The seminar will take place at the theoretical physics center (CFP) of University of Porto from 21st to 23rd June 2016. There is no registration fee to attend the seminar.
II Porto Meeting on Theory and Experiment in Nonlinear Physics (20-22.06.2013)

The goal of this meeting is to survey recent advances on a wide range of topics of current interest in nonlinear physics and mathematics including physical applications such as nonlinear Optics, Bose-Einstein condensates, Biology, etc. The meeting will provide a forum for theoreticians and experimentalists to present their latest results and to discuss their recent research with each other.
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