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CFP researcher does Habilitation

CFP researcher João Lopes dos Santos has just done his habilitation ("provas de agregação"). In recent years Lopes dos Santos has been leading CFP researchers in many new discoveries in the fascinating subject of Graphene physics.

Among the recent developments in Graphene physics Lopes dos Santos has contributed to the article "Observation of Van Hove singularities in twisted graphene layers" published in Nature of Physics. This paper is a collaboration between theorists João Lopes dos Santos and Antonio Castro Neto (Boston U) and the experimental groups of Eva Andrei (Rutgers) and Jing Kong (MIT). In this work Van Hove singularities in graphene were found for the first time. These singularities are changes in the electronic density of states in a material and often lead to new phases of matter, such as superconductivity, magnetism or density waves. The discovery means that the electronic properties of graphene could now be engineered at will. International science news took notice of this important work, as you may find at for further details.

Over the past years Lopes dos Santos has supervised two Ph.D students that are also working in this topic of research. Vitor Pereira, now at Boston University, and Eduardo Castro, now at CSIS and also at CFP, have written with Lopes dos Santos two important articles that already collect more than one hundred citations. The articles were published at Physical Review Letters (PRL 96, 036801, 2006; PRL 99, 216802, 2007).

Seminar Recent Trends in Modern Optics

The seminar will take place at the theoretical physics center (CFP) of University of Porto from 21st to 23rd June 2016. There is no registration fee to attend the seminar.
II Porto Meeting on Theory and Experiment in Nonlinear Physics (20-22.06.2013)

The goal of this meeting is to survey recent advances on a wide range of topics of current interest in nonlinear physics and mathematics including physical applications such as nonlinear Optics, Bose-Einstein condensates, Biology, etc. The meeting will provide a forum for theoreticians and experimentalists to present their latest results and to discuss their recent research with each other.
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