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CFP highlighted at APS

The American Physical Society has just highlighted the recent work of CFP former Ph.D student Pedro Vieira and collaborators. In the words of Professor Joseph Minahan at Upsala University in Sweden, "A mathematical formalism makes a step forward in proving the AdS/CFT correspondence that connects quantum mechanics with gravity".

CFP highlighted at APS

An important calculation in gauge theory can be mapped to one of the most fundamental toy models in the study of magnetism: the Heisenberg spin chain.

In 1997 Maldacena, a young Argentinean physics, put forward the startling conjecture that theories of gravity on curved spaces are equivalent to ordinary quantum field theories confined to the boundaries of those spaces.

Maldacena's conjecture has become one of the most promising and exciting ideas in modern theoretical physics, with applications to quantum gravity, black hole physics, the strong interactions and more recently condensed matter physics.

Pedro Vieira, a former CFP Ph.D student, together with Nikolay Gromov and Vladimir Kazakov, are now recognised as world leaders in this field of research. You can read more at the American Physical Society viewpoint The weak and strong ends of a theory. This story has also spread in the international scientific news, such as Science Daily, E! Science News and Softpedia.

The original article by Gromov, Kazakov and Vieira can be downloaded here.

Seminar Recent Trends in Modern Optics

The seminar will take place at the theoretical physics center (CFP) of University of Porto from 21st to 23rd June 2016. There is no registration fee to attend the seminar.
II Porto Meeting on Theory and Experiment in Nonlinear Physics (20-22.06.2013)

The goal of this meeting is to survey recent advances on a wide range of topics of current interest in nonlinear physics and mathematics including physical applications such as nonlinear Optics, Bose-Einstein condensates, Biology, etc. The meeting will provide a forum for theoreticians and experimentalists to present their latest results and to discuss their recent research with each other.
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