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CFP Events

Events description.

An important part of the activities at Centro de Física do Porto (CFP) is to engage its research staff into scientific meetings and reunions of various kinds. Everyone is welcome!

Of these events, some have a regular character like the Journal Club or the Seminars, and others, by its very nature and organizing efforts, tend to be more sparse like the Research Courses or Meetings.

Below is a brief description of each event, including their standard timetable and location.

CFT events are partially funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation FCT.

Journal Club

Credit: CFP

Journal Club

The CFP Journal Club is a weekly group meeting intended primarily for CFP research staff. Its characteristic informal atmosphere aims at presenting and discussing ongoing research problems in a relaxed style. Once a week, one of our researchers or visitors conducts the discussion. The rule is to resort to the blackboard as much as possible.

The Journal Club is held at Room 326, and is currently scheduled for Thursdays, from 17.00 to 18.00. A list of all past Journal Club meetings is available here.


Credit: CFP


These are standard research seminars organized by CFP. The topics of research covered are quite broad since the research seminars at the Physics Department have traditionally been organized by the CFP. They usually take place on Friday afternoons at 14.30 in Romm -120, and are intended and advised to the entire departmental comunity. The designation CFP Seminar, also accommodates the colloquia organized by this Center. The historic of CFP Seminars can be accessed here.

In a small technical note, these events are a content type that is organized within this website as calendars and/or calendar entries. They can, therefore, be conveniently included in your personal organizer, if it supports the iCal standard, to keep you always informed about the upcoming events at CFP [1].

[1] Examples of calendar clients that use the iCal standard and allow remote calendars are the practical and multi-platform mozilla calendar, or korganizer that comes with the KDE desktop environment.