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Vitor Pereira

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Article Reference
Modeling disorder in graphene 2008-04-08
O que muda quando muda a temperatura 2007-12-12
Site dilution of quantum spins in the honeycomb lattice 2007-12-10
Site dilution of quantum spins in the honeycomb and square lattices 2007-12-10
Coulomb Impurity Problem in Graphene 2007-12-10
vpereira 2006-05-10
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Other Publications 2006-01-27
Popular Talks 2006-01-27
Thesis 2006-01-27
Invited Talks 2006-01-27
Conference Communications 2006-01-27
Book Reference
Evolution of networks: from biological nets to the internet and www 2006-01-27
CFP Events 2009-09-29
Research at CFP 2014-02-27
Using lage, the 100 core 64 bit cluster 2011-06-07
Using sophia, the 64 bit cluster 2011-06-07
Beowulf Cluster 2011-06-07
Descrição com supercampos de supergravidade em 5D e braneworlds 2006-12-18
Curso Livre sobre Teoria do Campo 2006-12-18
As propriedades surpreendentes do Carbono bi-dimensional 2006-07-24
O fenómeno do primeiro digito ? Lei de Benford 2006-01-09
Métodos de Monte-Carlo optimizados 2006-01-09
paredes.pdf 2008-01-29
hexaborides.pdf 2008-01-29
gravmagn.pdf 2008-01-29
graphene.pdf 2008-01-29
entangle.pdf 2008-01-29
2017 2006-01-27
2016 2006-01-27
2015 2006-01-27
2014 2006-01-27
Seminars 2016-02-04
Models of Inflation based on String Theory 2007-01-23
Nonlinear waves in discrete, periodic and quasiperiodic systems 2006-12-21
Testing Cosmological Scenarios with Extra-Dimensions 2006-02-10
String Theory in time-dependent backgrounds and Cosmology 2006-02-10
From Theoretical to Observational Cosmology 2006-02-10
Vitor Manuel Pereira 2006-02-08
paredes.jpg 2008-01-29
hexaborides.jpg 2008-01-29
gravmagn.jpg 2008-01-29
graphene.jpg 2008-01-29
entangle.jpg 2008-01-29
Inbook Reference
Transport and magnetic Properties of Discontinuous Co80Fe20/Al2O3 Multilayers 2006-01-27
Optical Switching in Semiconductor Waveguides Incorporating a Resonant Tunneling Diode 2006-01-27
Magnetism of Nanostructured Systems 2006-01-27
Nanogranular Layered Magnetic Films 2006-01-27
Accelerated Growth of Networks: From the Genome to the Internet 2006-01-27
Inproceedings Reference
Astrophysical Probes of Fundamental Physics 2007-01-12
From $\alpha(z)$ to $w(z)$ 2007-01-12
Polarized galactic emission mapping: Helping to unfold the veil of the cosmic microwave background 2006-10-11
Fermions under strong repulsion, from multiconnected Fermi surface to Fermi condensation 2006-02-04
Recent progress on systems with infinity many absorbing states 2006-02-04
Instructions to add publications 2006-12-22
Related Info 2007-03-22
Apresentação Final 2006-10-06
Material Diverso 2006-10-05
Efeito Piroeléctrico 2006-10-05
Mastersthesis Reference
Evolução de redes de paredes de domínio e suas implicações cosmológicas 2006-12-23
Energia Escura no Universo 2006-12-22
Estados magnéticos de sistemas com interacção dipolar baseados em redes planares 2006-12-21
Estudo de fenómenos de transporte em meios nanoestruturados 2006-12-21
Efeitos de Desordem em Manganites 2006-12-04
Misc Reference
O que faz Einstein na minha sala de estar? 2007-02-28
Supercordas - a melodia da natureza? 2007-02-28
Supercordas - a melodia da natureza? 2007-02-28
From Fundamental Strings to Small Black Holes 2007-02-28
From Fundamental Strings to Small Black Holes 2007-02-28
News Item
A day in the life of an Econophysicist 2006-10-05
Prof. Castro Neto visits CFP 2006-07-25
Vitor Pereira's Thesis Exam 2006-10-02
Bolsa de Investigação 2006-09-22
Physics RSS 2006-07-14
Phdthesis Reference
Disorder and Localization Effects in Correlated Electronic Systems 2006-10-11
Métodos de Monte Carlo para sistemas com desordem e interacção de longo alcance 2006-10-11
Proceedings Reference
Phi in the Sky: The Quest for Cosmological Scalar Fields 2006-01-27
Research Topic Folder
Transport and optical properties of magnetic hexaborides 2007-11-22
Techreport Reference
A Molecular Probe of Dark Energy 2006-01-27
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