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Jisha Chandroth Pannian

Centro de Física do Porto (CFP) is a university research unit devoted to fundamental research in Physics. The unit is located in the Physics Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto.

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Article Reference
The Calculation of Single-Nucleon Energies of Nuclei by Considering Two-Body Effective Interaction, and a Hartree-Fock Inspired Scheme 2017-04-20
Pseudofermion dynamical theory for the spin dynamical correlation functions of the half-filled 1D Hubbard model 2017-04-10
Zero energy modes in a superconductor with ferromagnetic adatom chains and quantum phase transitions 2017-04-10
Gravito-electromagnetic analogies 2017-04-10
Guiding light via geometric phases 2017-03-31
jpannian 2014-02-24
Book Reference
chapter "PT-symmetric solitons", Odyssey of Light in Nonlinear Optical Fibers: Theory and Experiments 2016-03-11
CERN’ Masterclass 2014 (March 2014) 2016-02-25
jpannian 2014-02-25
Headline Item
Seminar Recent Trends in Modern Optics 2016-05-27
Rui Azevedo 2016-05-07
Hodjat Mariji 2016-05-20
Somayyeh Nemati 2017-05-09
Daniel Passos 2017-02-07
Luís Ventura 2016-05-06
Inbook Reference
Center of Mass, Spin Supplementary Conditions, and the Momentum of Spinning Particles 2017-04-10
Inproceedings Reference
Diffraction Compensation of Finite Beams in Hyperbolic Metamaterials 2017-03-31
A new waveguiding mechanism based upon geometric phase 2017-03-31
Nonperturbative Nonlinear Optics in Liquid Crystals 2017-03-31
Mastersthesis Reference
Study of f(R) theories with a non-minimal coupling and its applications in a cosmological context 2016-02-22
Astrophysical implications of the Bumblebee model of Spontaneous Lorentz Symmetry Breaking 2016-02-22
The Layzer-Irvine equation in theories with non-minimal coupling between matter and curvature 2016-02-22
Quarks in the AdS/CFT duality 2016-02-22
Monte Carlo methods in critical systems 2016-02-22
Misc Reference
Correlations, criticality, and coherence in quantum systems, Evora, Portugal, Contributed talk: One-­electron singular spectral features of the 1D Hubbard model at finite magnetic field 2017-04-10
The 19th annual conference of the Physical Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Contributed talk: Spin dynamical correlation functions of the half-filled 1D Hubbard model 2017-04-10
Inverse magnetic Catalysis in Holographic QCD 2016-03-11
Nonlinear negative refraction using Nematicons 2016-03-11
Nonlinear negative refraction using Nematicons 2016-03-11
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