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Joana Cacilda Rodrigues Espain Oliveira

Centro de Física do Porto (CFP) is a university research unit devoted to fundamental research in Physics. The unit is located in the Physics Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto.

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Article Reference
One-electron singular spectral features of the 1D Hubbard model at finite magnetic field. 2018-02-20
Novel thermal switch based on magnetic nano fluids with remote activation 2018-02-20
Absence of high-temperature ballistic transport in the spin-1/2 XXX chain within the grand-canonical ensemble 2018-02-20
Accessible solitons in diffusive media 2015-08-31
Phase-space noncommutative formulation of Ozawa’s uncertainty principle 2015-08-31
jeolivei 2006-12-19
Bibliography Folder
PhD thesis 2009-05-24
PhD thesis 2009-05-24
Interface dynamics - bibliography 2009-01-16
Book Reference
The Experimental Status of Special and General Relativity 2015-08-31
[···] 2007-12-12
Major events organized by CFP in 2008 2008-11-19
Bolsas de Integração na Investigação 2008-07-17
New pos-doctoral fellowship in Statistical 2008-07-17
New 5 year research position 2008-07-11
Liquid Crystals 2010-01-31
Programme 2009-10-28
Programme 2009-10-28
discussion: marginal Fermi liquid 2009-10-28
discussion: beyond the standard model 2009-10-28
PhD thesis files 2009-05-29
Other PhD thesis 2009-05-27
2009 2009-02-16
Fotos 2008-06-16
Joana Mendes 2007-11-30
Transport properties of Graphene and related systems 2007-12-03
From String Theory to Cosmology 2007-12-03
Headline Item
Mathematica Summer School on Theoretical Physics 2009-02-25
[···] 2009-02-25
Catarina Cosme 2013-10-02
Ana Rita Mota 2009-12-22
Frederico Francisco 2015-05-12
André Guerra 2014-12-16
Robert 2013-10-02
Graphene Dirac cone 2009-10-26
EF2007 2007-12-04
Inproceedings Reference
First Principles calculations and experiments for Cu-Mg/Li hydrides negative electrodes 2014-03-06
The Role of Defects in Li3ClO Solid Electrolyte: Calculations and Experiments 2014-03-06
Mastersthesis Reference
A nonminimal coupling model and its short range Solar System impact 2015-08-31
Misc Reference
Antimatéria: entendimento teórico, confirmação experimental e implicações 2015-08-31
Some magnetic effects in the Sakai-Sugimoto model 2015-08-31
Some magnetic effects in the Sakai-Sugimoto model 2015-08-31
LiH spinodal and its applications to lithium batteries 2014-03-06
Conformal Regge Theory 2013-01-28
News Item
Extreme Computing at CFP 2010-06-25
Eduardo Castro PhD Exam 2008-10-06
Pedro Vieira PhD Exam 2008-10-08
Eduardo Castro PhD thesis 2008-10-06
Call for research fellowship at CFP! 2007-12-27
Phdthesis Reference
Unified Dark Energy Models 2009-05-28
Integrability in ADS/CFT - Bethe ansatz and String quantization beyond infinite volume 2009-05-28
Cosmological consequences of topological defects: Dark Energy and Varying Fundamental Constants 2009-05-28
Correlation and Disorder in Electronic Systems : from Manganites to Graphene 2009-05-28
Domain walls in Cosmology: Network Evolution and Dark Energy Scenarios 2009-05-28
Proceedings Reference
[···] 2008-04-10
Research Topic Folder
Domain walls and dark energy 2007-11-22
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