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Rui Azevedo

Rui Azevedo
Rui Pedro Lopes de Azevedo
PhD Student
MSc in Physics (Theoretical Specialization)


My current area of research is gravitation and cosmology, though I have worked on topological defects in the early universe and on the design of space missions aimed at testing quantum physics in a general relativistic background and the detetion of gravitational waves.

Published peer-reviewed research:

Dynamical analysis of generalized f(R,L) theories, R.P.L. Azevedo and J. Páramos, Physical Review D, Volume 94, pp. 064036 (2016)

A blueprint for a simultaneous test of quantum mechanics and general relativity in a space-based quantum optics experiment​​, R.P.L. Azevedo et al.​, ​EPJ Quantum TechnologyVolume 4, pp. 2 (2017)

​Cosmic strings and other topological defects in nonscaling regimes​​​​​, R.P.L. Azevedo and C.J.A.P Martins, Physical Review D, Volume 95, pp. 042537 (2017)​

GLINT Gravitational-wave laser INterferometry triangle, R.P.L. Azevedo et al, Experimental Astronomy, Volume 44, Issue 2, pp 181–208 (2017)