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Josinaldo Menezes

Josinaldo Menezes
Josinaldo Menezes da Silva
Assistant Professor, UFRN, Natal, Brazil.
Porto University, 2007: PhD


General Research Areas

I am  interested in application of Topological Defects in distint areas. For example, I have investigated:
* The domain networks as a possible candidate to explain the present accelerated expansion of the universe.
* Cosmic strings, magnetic monopoles and other compact objects  as source of space-time variations of the fine-structure constant, $\alpha$, in the their vicinity.

Recently, I have started to focus on Topological Defects in Condensed Matter. In this context, I am interested in liquid crystal.

I am also interested in scalar fields models and observational constraints of the dark energy .

Curriculum Vitae

My cv can be seen here:


Selected Publications

References to selected publications, sorted by year and author:

PP Avelino, C Martins, J Menezes, R Menezes, and J Oliveira
Scaling of cosmological domain wall networks with junctions.
Phys.Lett. B 647 , 63-66 (2007)

PP Avelino, C Martins, J Menezes, and C Santos
Evolution of the fine-structure constant in the non-linear regime
JCAP 0612 , 018 (2006)

PP Avelino, C Martins, J Menezes, R Menezes, and J Oliveira
Defect Junctions and Domain Wall Dynamics
Phys.Rev. D 73, 123520 (2006)

J Menezes, PP Avelino, and C Santos
Varying Alpha Monopoles
Phys.Rev. D 72, 103504 (2005)

D Bazeia, J Menezes, and R Menezes
New Global Defect Structures
Phys.Rev.Lett. 91, 241601 (2004)