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João Viana Lopes

João Viana Lopes
João Manuel Viana Parente Lopes
PhD completed at CFP in 2006


On the last few years I have worked on multicanonical Monte Carlo methods.
These methods are suitable to perform simulations on  models with  a rough energy landscape.
Many such  models occur not only  in Condensed Matter Physics but also in the general context of complex  systems, including biological problems such as protein folding,  and networks .
I have extended and improved several simulation techniques,  studied in detail the corresponding dynamics and proposed ways to optimize their efficiency.

In general, I am interested on complex systems and networks.
I am also  interested  in nano structered magnetic materials, and generaly on dipolar interaction.


Selected Publications

References to selected publications, sorted by year and author:

JV Lopes, MD Costa, JMB Lopes dos Santos, and R Toral
Optimized multicanonical simulations: a new proposal based on classical fluctuation theory
Preprint at arXiv.

MD Costa, JV Lopes, and JM Santos
Analytical study of tunneling times in flat histogram Monte Carlo
Europhysics Letters 72 (5), 802-808 (2005)

JV Lopes, R Toral, JM Santos, and YG Pogorelov
Exact solution of Ising model on a small-world network
Physical Review E 70, 026112 (2004)

JM Lopes and YG Pogorelov
Magnetic dipolar interaction in nanosize magnetic granular systems
Physical Review B 66, 064416 (2002)