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Joana Oliveira

Joana Oliveira
Joana Cacilda Rodrigues Espain Oliveira
Assistant Professor (FEUP)


My main research interest has been cosmology, in particular the dynamics of topological defects.

I have been interested in understanding the cosmological consequences of topological defect evolution, in particular the role of domain wall networks as dark energy candidates.
I have also been interested in dark energy models where the variation of fundamental parameters of nature is considered.

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Selected Publications

References to selected publications, sorted by year and author:

P Avelino, C Martins, J Menezes, R Menezes, and J Oliveira
Scaling of cosmological domain wall networks with junctions
Phys. Lett. B 647, 63--66 (2007)

PP Avelino, CJAP Martins, J Menezes, R Menezes, and JCRE Oliveira
Frustrated expectations: Defect Networks and Dark Energy
Phys.Rev. D 73 (123519) (2006)

P Avelino, C Martins, and J Oliveira
One-scale Model for Domain Wall Network Evolution
Physical Review D 72 (83506) (2005)

J Oliveira, C Martins, and P Avelino
The Cosmological Evolution of Domain Wall Networks
Physical Review D 71 (83509) (2005)

P Avelino, C Martins, and J Oliveira
Linearized Bekenstein Varying Alpha Models
Physical Review D 70 (83506) (2004)

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