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List of communications (oral and posters)
EV Castro
Grafeno: da ponta do lápis ao Nobel
Invited lecture: "Odisseia pela Física", Physics Departement, Aveiro University, Aveiro, Portugal, Mar. 2011
EV Castro, AG Grushin, B Valenzuela, MAH Vozmediano, A Cortijo, and F de Juan
Topological Fermi liquids in the doped Honeycomb lattice
Oral communication at: The new generation in strongly correlated electron systems -- NGSCES 2111, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 4-8 July 2011
EV Castro, H Ochoa, MI Katsnelson, and F Guinea
Mobility of suspended bilayer graphene at finite temperature
Oral communication at: ImagineNano, Bilbao, Spain, 11-14 April 2011
EV Castro, H Ochoa, MI Katsnelson, RV Gorbachev, DC Elias, KS Novoselov, AK Geim, and F Guinea
Limits on electron quality in suspended graphene due to flexural phonons
Oral communication at: American Physical Society March-Meeting, Dallas, Texas, USA, 21-25 March 2011
EV Castro
Tunable gap and quantum quench dynamics in bilayer graphene
Invited lecture: Applied lecture at Mathematica Summer School on Theoretical Physics (2nd edition) – Condensed Matter and Two-Dimensional Physics, Theoretical Physics Center of Porto, 11-16 July 2010
EV Castro, H Ochoa, MI Katsnelson, RV Gorbachev, DC Elias, KS Novoselov, AK Geim, and F Guinea
Temperature dependent resistivity due to flexural phonons in single and bilayer graphene
Poster presented at: Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2010), International Iberian Nanotechnology Center - INL, Braga, Portugal, 6-10 Sep 2010
EV Castro, F Guinea, MI Katsnelson, and H Ochoa
Scattering by out-of-plane acoustic phonons in doped suspended graphene
Poster presented at: ITN Nanoelectronics Meeting 2010 on “Nanoelectronics - Concepts, Theory and Modeling”, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany, 17-21 May 2010
EV Castro
Graphene -- the wonder material
Invited seminar: CFTC, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal (Dec 2010)
EV Castro
Graphene -- the thinnest metallic membrane
Invited seminar: ITN seminars, ITN, Lisbon, Portugal (Dec 2010)
EV Castro
Graphene as an elastic membrane I
Invited lecture: "School on New Materials: Graphene & Applications", Center of Physics and Mathematics, Rabat, Morocco, 06-11 Dec. 2010