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Domingos Barbosa

Domingos Barbosa
Domingos Barbosa


My research focus on Cosmic Microwave Background science from the phenomenological and experimental point of view. In particular, I am interested by:

i) Subtraction of galactic foregrounds - synchrotron emission by relativistic cosmic ray electrons spiraling through the galactic magnetic field-  under the preparative efforts concerning the Planck Surveyor Mission (ESA 2008), we develop in Portugal the Polarized Galactic Emission Mapping Project, aiming to map the polarization components of North Hemisphere sky in the microwave region (5GHz) with a 9-m dish adapted antenna equipe with a state of the art high-sensitivity receiver, localy built. The maps shall enter the Data Processing Pipeline of Planck Surevyor sattellite to enable a better foreground Component Separation. Collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (G. Smoot Group, Insituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais do Brazil and IASF-Bo, Italy) IST and IT-Portugal. Web page:

ii) The imprint left on the CMB by the Large scale structures like galaxy clusters. The hot gas content of clusters changes the CMB frequency spectrum via Inverse Compton scattering. This cahange - The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect is a powerful probe of cosmology.

iii) Instrumentation for Microwave and radioastronomy.