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Diego Rubiera-Garcia

Diego Rubiera-Garcia
PostDoc Fellow (Fudan University, China)
Ph.D. University of Oviedo, Spain, 2008


My main research activity is concerned with theoretical gravitational physics. Much of this work is focused in modified theories of gravity to address the theoretical and phenomenological implications of foundational questions of classical gravity such as whether the underlying structure of spacetime is Riemannian or otherwise, the number of space-time dimensions, or the nature of space-time singularities. This research is aimed at the study of mathematical aspects, modifications of black hole structure and dynamics, regular solutions, semiclassical approaches to quantum gravity, Hawking's radiation, braneworld scenarios, applications to cosmology and condensed matter, and thermodynamic and holographic properties (AdS/CFT correspondence) in four and higher dimensions. In addition topological defects including applications to cosmology and particle physics complete my current research activities. I maintain active collaborations with G. J. Olmo (Valencia, Spain), F. S. N. Lobo (Lisbon, Portugal), D. Bazeia, L. Losano and R. Menezes (UFPB, Brazil), E. da Hora (Maranhao, Brazil), C. dos Santos (Porto, Portugal), J. Diaz-Alonso (LUTH, France) and C. Bambi (Fudan, China).