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Gravitational Applications of the Casimir Effect

Carlos Herdeiro
Marco Sampaio
Raquel Ribeiro

We have been investigating the Casimir effect in closed universes in various dimensions [1,2]. For a free scalar field model, we
have computed the renormalised energy momentum tensor using a variety of techniques including damping function, zeta function and point-splitting.
A generic regularisation scheme has been constructed which, effectively for the problem at hand, includes all these as special

The renormalised energy momentum tensor obtained violates the strong energy condition, for a variety of couplings to the Ricci scalar and masses.
This means that the Casimir effect is repulsive. This has been shown to be able to produce interesting cosmological effects, like
avoidance of the Big Bang singularity throught a bounce and a short inflationary period. We are currently studying if the effect
can stabilise Einstein Static Universes, which are classically unstable against radial perturbations.

[1] Class.Quant.Grav.23:473-484,2006; e-Print: hep-th/0510052;
e-Print: arXiv:0711.4564;

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