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Carlos Herdeiro

Carlos Herdeiro
Carlos Herdeiro
Assistant Researcher (FCUP)
Cambridge, 2001: PhD - Gravitational and High Energy Physics


My research interests:

    • Black hole physics
    • General relativity, numerical relativity and gravitational radiation
    • Supergravity, string theories and the gauge/gravity duality
    • Differential geometry
    • Casimir effect and quantum field theory
    • Cosmology and inflationary models

An exciting research area in which I have been involved recently is that of using the techniques of Numerical Relativity to more general setups, namely high energy physics models. Learn more about this area in our group's webpage. Besides some exciting physics, we make some cool movies!

Recent talks:

- Interacting rotating vacuum black holes in four and five dimensions (as invited speaker at 5th (1st Iberian) Workshop on Gravitational Aspects of Strings and Branes, February 2009, Gijon, Spain)

- Physical properties of the double Kerr solution (as invited speaker at Mathematical Relativity in Lisbon, June 2009)

- Minimal five dimensional supergravities and complex geometry (as invited speaker at XVIII International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics, September 2009, Benasque, Spain)

For a complete list of my publications click here

Selected Publications

References to selected publications, sorted by year and author:

M Zilhão, H Witek, U Sperhake, V Cardoso, L Gualtieri, C Herdeiro, and A Nerozzi
Numerical relativity for D dimensional axially symmetric space-times: formalism and code tests
Phys.Rev.D 81, 084052 (2010)

GW Gibbons, CAR Herdeiro, CM Warnick, and MC Werner
Stationary metrics and optical Zermelo-Randers-Finsler geometry
Phys.Rev.D 79, 044022 (2009)

J Grover, JB Gutowski, CA Herdeiro, and W Sabra
HKT geometry and de Sitter supergravity
Nuclear Physics B 809, 406-425 (2009)

LFO Costa and CA Herdeiro
Gravitoelectromagnetic analogy based on tidal tensors
Phys.Rev.D 78, 024021 (2008)

CA Herdeiro and M Sampaio
Casimir energy and a cosmological bounce
Class.Quant.Grav. 23, 473 (2006)