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Aires Ferreira

Aires Ferreira
Aires Ferreira
PhD (Physics), Porto (2009)


During my PhD I tackled theoretical problems on the boundary of Quantum Information science and Condensed matter. I started my PhD research in optomechanical entanglement between a moving mirror and the electromagnetic field in micro-cavities. I have also investigated the generation of entanglement between two distant parties by interaction with low-dimensional strongly correlated systems, such as the Heisenberg 1D&2D antiferromagnetic spin system.

Undergraduate students (and general public) might be interested in the talk I gave about foundations of quantum mechanics (Einstein-Poldosky-Rosen paradox, Bell Theorem, etc.) and quantum information (teleportation, entanglement, etc.) some years ago at FCUP. You may download the pdf here (in portuguese only).

Short CV:

2010- : Post-Doc at CFUM

Set 2009 : PhD Degree in Physics

2006 - Set 2009 : PhD Student at the Physics Department of FCUP under supervision of Prof. J. M. B. Lopes dos Santos [Oporto, Portugal]

2006 : Research (Visitor) at Quantum Information Group under supervision of Prof. Vlatko Vedral [Leeds, U.K.]

2005 : Research (Visitor) at Quantum Experiments and Foundations of Physics under supervision of Prof. Anton Zeilinger [Vienna, Austria]

2004 : 'Certificat d’Auditeur' - Majeure de Physique 2 (Theoretical Physics) at École Polytechnique [Paris/France]

2000 - 2004 : Degree in Physics at FCUP (Sciences Faculty of University of Oporto) [Oporto, Portugal]

Selected Publications

References to selected publications, sorted by year and author:

A Ferreira and J Lopes dos Santos
Analytic results on long distance entanglement mediated by gapped spin chains
Physical Review A 77, 034301 (2008)

D Vitali, S Gigan, A Ferreira, H Boehm, P Tombesi, A Guerreiro, V Vedral, A Zeilinger, and M Aspelmeyer
Optomechanical entanglement between a movable mirror and a cavity field
Phys. Rev. Lett. 98 (3), 030405 (2007)

A Ferreira, A Guerreiro, and V Vedral
Macroscopic Entanglement due to Radiation Pressure
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 060407 (2006)