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HoloGrav network started this summer with major role played by CFP. The Holograv network encourages and promotes research in gauge/gravity duality, including its applications across particle, nuclear, condensed matter and gravitational physics. The network supports staff and student exchanges, workshops, conferences and summer schools, to be organized across Europe and at the network associated countries. Centro Física do Porto was involved from the very beginning on the creation of this network.

During the ESF exploratory workshop held in Porto in 2009 Applications of AdS/CFT to QCD, a group of researchers from all over Europe decided to apply for a European network on "Holographic methods for strongly coupled systems". The European network was approved and then launched in June 2011. Perimeter Institute in Canada and several institutes from Korea also joined this network. This coming year is already full of activities on the subject of gauge/gravity duality supported by the network. Holograv will last for five years and has a total budget of 670 KEuros. For more information please see the holograv webpage, which is maintained by CFP. On the occasion of the kick off meeting of the network held on the 29th of June in Paris, New Scientist publish the article Hit a wall? Take a holographic view.