The scientific program will include the following review lectures:

        Higher-dimensional black holes - Roberto Emparan

        Scattering amplitudes in N=4 super Yang-Mills - Johannes Henn

        Puzzles and Problems for Gravity and Glue - Robert Myers

        Black hole microstate counting and their macroscopic understanding - Ashoke Sen

        Y-systems in AdS/CFT - Pedro Vieira

as well as (25+5 min.) communications by participants.

A preliminary detailed schedule is:


Hour Activity


09:00   Registration and Welcome
09:45   A. Sen
  Review: Black hole microstate counting and their macroscopic understanding
10:45   Coffee Break
11:15   G. Lopes Cardoso
  BPS black holes, the Hesse potential, and the topological string
11:45   T. Ortín
  From tensor hierarchies to new supersymmetric solutions
12:15   M. Cederwall
  D=11 supergravity with manifest supersymmetry
13:00   Lunch
15:00   J. Henn
  Review: Scattering amplitudes in N=4 super Yang-Mills
16:00   Coffee Break
16:30   C. Asensio
  Applications of an exact counting formula in the Bousso-Polchinski landscape
17:00   F. Paccetti Correia
  Hermitian Yang-Mills instantons on Calabi-Yau cones
17:30   F. Moura
  Dilatonic black holes in heterotic string theory


9:30   R. Myers
  Review: Puzzles and Problems for Gravity and Glue
10:30   Coffee Break
11:00   J. Edelstein
  Causality in AdS/CFT, conformal collider physics and Lovelock theory
11:30   A. Dueñas Vidal
  AdS/CFT to study collisions between non-equal sized heavy-ions
12:00   E. Conde Pena
  Holographic backreacting flavor tales
13:00   Lunch
15:00   A. Paredes Galan
  D3-D7 quark-gluon plasma
15:30   F. Peña Benítez
  New results for quasi-normal modes on the brane
16:00   J. Tarrio
  Quasinormal modes of the D3/D7 plasma
16:30   Coffee Break
17:00   R. Monteiro
  Instability and rotational symmetries of higher-dimensional black holes
17:30   M. Paulos
  Hydrodynamics and gauge/gravity duality
18:00   D. Fernández
  A new mechanism of quark energy loss
20:00   Conference Dinner


9:30   P. Vieira
  Review: Y-systems in AdS/CFT
10:30   Coffee Break
11:00   F. Rocha
  Fermions in the bulk: holographic Fermi surfaces and other possibilities
11:30   I. Amado
  Second sound of holographic superconductors
12:00   P. J. Silva
  Holographic superfluids and superconductors
13:00   Lunch
14:30   R. Emparan
  Review: Higher-dimensional black holes
15:30   M. Borunda
  Black hole gas in TeV-gravity models
16:00   J. Santos
  Instabilities and new phases of higher-dimensional rotating black holes
16:30   Coffee
  End of Workshop


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